Hi reader! When I find blogs of SLPs with specialities other than mine, I like to read and share for […]
speech practice
You may or may not have heard the term, “negative practice” in motor speech therapy. If your child has a […]
teletherapy not working
It’s been about ten months since COVID started shutting down the country. SLPs, students, clients, families, teachers, etc., have had […]
When the COVID-19 pandemic started in China, I wasn’t worried. Things like that happen to other countries. Sure, I will […]
I have a soft spot for the kids who come to see me for pediatric, speech therapy to treat Childhood […]
This topic is near and dear to me as I am a signer of 15+ years. I taught myself the […]
A post in an SLP group had me thinking about why a family may want private speech therapy for their […]
There may be some confusion regarding the terms phonological disorder vs. articulation disorder. I admit, it took multiple readings of […]
Aural habilitation. This is probably not an everyday term used in your home, and likely not even for those who […]