An intensive, motor speech program for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Research states​ children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) are described as needing frequent and intensive speech therapy services in order to address difficulties in speech motor planning and programming. This is not always possible due to location, finances, and scheduling.

The CAS Intensive at Your Speech Path occurs across one week. Your child will receive an initial motor speech evaluation (if not already received), and subsequent therapy twice a day, for 30 minute sessions Tuesday-Thursday, with one final, 30-minute session on Friday morning. If your child has already received a motor speech evaluation from Erin or another qualified provider, a 30 minute motor speech therapy session will be provided in its place.

Any evaluations received prior to the evaluation by another provider must be approved by Erin. if not approved, a motor speech evaluation with Erin will be required for the program.

This program is primarily intended for children who do not live in the Philadelphia area or cannot commit to regular, long-term motor speech therapy. 

CAS Intensives occur during a scheduled week in the summer:
August 5-9, 2024


erin gaul, ms, ccc-SLP

Is your child a candidate for the CAS intensive?

  • Able to attend for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day (only one session on Friday morning)
  • Able to attend to clinician’s mouth for cueing
  • Able to tolerate touch cues (PROMPTs) if needed
  • Able to attempt speech imitation

How do i get started?

If your child meets the above requirements, a video of your child working with their current speech-language pathologist (preferred) or a parent/guardian may be submitted via email and/or Google Drive. Erin will review the video and determine if your child would be a good fit for the intensive.  

Tips for your video:

  • Provide full view of child’s mouth/face
  • Obtain a spontaneous speech sample
  • Attempt imitation of single words progressing from simple to complex
  • Name common people or items with adult speaking the target word so reference is provided
  • Video should not exceed 15 minutes

Erin will notify each candidate of entrance to the program. If a child is found ineligible, those reasons and other related recommendations will be provided!

CAS Intensive with full motor-speech evaluation


CAS Intensive without full motor-speech evaluation


$100 deposit required. Refundable with at least one week’s notice of cancellation.