We are not very vocal about the challenges of this year though I have to mention one to give an amazing woman proper credit and respect…
Thank you, Erin, for your infinite patience, for coordinating with the County therapist, for guiding us on just how far to push, for sharing the happiness of those tiny moments that mean so much. Thank you for bringing this tired Mommy a few tears of joy this week.

Parent of a child with CAS

The moment my son met Erin we knew that he was going to enjoy every session. She found ways to engage him in a meaningful way that met his appetite for play and helped him with the valuable motor planning and repetition he needed to find success. Seeing him meet his goals was incredibly rewarding. As much as my son looked forward to seeing Erin I equally appreciated her support and insight on our journey. She is amazing at what she does – a true professional and just a wonderful person.

Parent of a child with CAS

I already knew this, but after working with other slps in the area, there’s no one like erin.

Parent of a child with CAS

My son’s journey with childhood apraxia of speech has been long and often frustrating. But then we met Erin Gaul, and everything changed.From the moment we walked into her office, it was clear Erin possessed more than just expertise – she had a gift for connecting with children. Every session was an adventure, filled with engaging activities and games that made learning fun, not a chore.Her support extended far beyond my son. As a mother navigating the unfamiliar waters of CAS, I often felt overwhelmed and anxious. Erin patiently answered my questions, offered guidance and resources, and most importantly, shared my frustration and celebrated every tiny victory.If you’re looking for a speech therapist who’s not just skilled, but a heart of gold disguised as a master motivator, look no further than Erin.Five stars, a million thanks, and a lifetime of gratitude!

Parent of a child with CAS

We have been so fortunate to have Erin teaching our son since he was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of 2. She has an amazing combination of tremendous talent as a speech and language pathologist, exceptional professionalism and a warm, caring and friendly personality. Our son looks forward to playing games with her each week and greets her with a big hug. Our son continues to make amazing strides with Erin’s guidance and he is now able to effectively communicate using his listening, speech and American Sign Language.

Parent of a child with hearing loss

A family member of ours recommended Erin, and it was the best thing that could have happened to us. On our first visit, Erin reassured us and eased our worries. Although according to Erin, our son was about 6-9 months behind in his speaking, she was unwavering in her confidence and encouragement that our son would be able to catch up to speed. In about 4 months, we saw our son experience a burst of language thanks to weekly sessions!Erin is a true professional who is excellent at her craft. Her confidence in her techniques and abilities were demonstrated throughout our time with her. Erin was always open to answering questions and provided honest feedback. We would recommend Erin to anyone who is in a similar situation. She was a Godsend.

Parent of a child with expressive language delay

I cannot recommend Erin Gaul highly enough! When my son first saw Erin, he had already been in speech therapy for over two years, we had seen several speech therapists, and nothing seemed to be working. I sought Erin out because she specialized in orofacial myofunctional disorders…From our first visit, i knew Erin was special and that speech therapy with her was going to be vastly different. Even her evaluation was so much more comprehensive than anything anyone else had previously performed.Even when progress was slow or when it seemed like he was taking two steps back, Erin never gave up. And a little more than two years after we started, he’s finally been discharged. I can truly say that my son’s speech is now perfect all the time and we owe it all to Erin!

Parent of a child with orofacial myofunctional disorder

When my son was first diagnosed with an expressive language delay, I was completely overwhelmed. I scheduled four evaluations, met and interviewed four therapists. After meeting with a few, I believed he/she knew his/her profession but something was off relationship-wise. Upon meeting with Erin, it all just clicked. The journey that my son had ahead of him no longer seemed so mountainous. I was confident that Erin would be there to hold our hands and guide us through the journey. Not only is Erin an excellent clinician but she is also kind, warm and compassionate. My son looked forward to therapy each week. He would beg to go see Erin on days when we didn’t have a session scheduled. After seven months with Erin, my son was discharged. He is a different child than when he started.

Parent of a child with expressive language disorder