Erin worked with my son for the past few years and is AMAZING! My son spoke very little when he started working with Erin and he connected with her right away and just had his last session with her this week. I am so grateful for Erin and all the help she has been to my son and his development. I would highly recommend using Erin!

Parent of child with CAS

Erin is an amazing speech therapist. My daughter is working with her only for a short time and making excellent progress. The smile I see on her face during our speech session is priceless.

Parent of child with CAS

We are not very vocal about the challenges of this year though I have to mention one to give an amazing woman proper credit and respect. Rylie’s speech has been “behind” for quite some time with unusual distortions and not necessarily following rules or reasons for her difficulties. In November of last year we had her evaluated by the county but she did not qualify with the under 3 guidelines. Not seeing very much improvement with time, we contacted Erin at Your Speech Path, LLC and started therapy for Rylie in March. In July we added a session with the county (as she more than qualified for the over 3 guidelines) and have recently added another day with Erin. This week we saw improvements with her medial and final consonants and saw Rylie’s brain start to understand on a different level. To finally hear her say “Mommy” (she usually distorts to Monny) and look at me, know it was for me, my heart is so full.

Thank you, Erin, for your infinite patience, for coordinating with the County therapist, for guiding us on just how far to push, for sharing the happiness of those tiny moments that mean so much. Thank you for bringing this tired Mommy a few tears of joy this week.

Parent of child with mixed motor speech/articulation/phonological disorder

Erin is truly the best speech therapist for our 8 year old, 2nd grade son that we could possibly ask for. Our son had trouble with his R, Th and S sounds, and she truly helped him cure all of those issues in a very short period of time. We expected it would take our son far longer to cure his speech issues, but Erin was able to cure him in a remarkably short period of time. We noticed a remarkable difference in our son’s speech after the very first session. Most importantly, Erin was amazing at engaging our son and he loved working with her. She truly made speech a joy for him. She is very honest and she never over charged us. We NEVER had to wait for our apt and she was ALWAYS able to see our son on time. She is extremely compassionate, caring ,personable and professional. She always makes herself available to address any issues that come up between sessions and she always listens with compassion and patience. She is truly talented in what she does. Very few people have a spiritual calling for what they do in life and Erin is one of those very rare and special people. Erin is one of those special therapists who is so good at what she does, it feels like it is more than a job for her. She truly loves the children and families that she works with. There is no one we would trust more than Erin to work with our son. We have never met a professional who was more dedicated and more talented at what they do. Therefore, we recommend Erin Gaul highly, without any reservations.

Parent of child with phonological/articulation disorder

We have been so fortunate to have Erin teaching our son since he was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of 2. She has an amazing combination of tremendous talent as a speech and language pathologist, exceptional professionalism and a warm, caring and friendly personality. Our son looks forward to playing games with her each week and greets her with a big hug. Our son continues to make amazing strides with Erin’s guidance and he is now able to effectively communicate using his listening, speech and American Sign Language.

Parents of child with hearing loss

Erin has worked with our daughter since she was almost 3 years old, and Erin diagnosed her with childhood apraxia of speech and a phonological disorder. Our daughter started with Erin when she could barely string 2 sounds together. After a year, our daughter can sing and string together multiple words while she tells us elaborate stories. We can’t believe the same girl who barely spoke in her 2-3 year old classroom now in her 3-4 year old classroom “exceeds expectations” in engaging in conversations, according to her report card! Thank you for giving our daughter a voice, Erin!

Parents of child with CAS

Erin was born to do this.

Parents of child with sCAS

When my son was first diagnosed with an expressive language delay, I was completely overwhelmed. I scheduled four evaluations, met and interviewed four therapists. After meeting with a few, I believed he/she knew his/her profession but something was off relationship-wise. Upon meeting with Erin, it all just clicked. The journey that my son had ahead of him no longer seemed so mountainous. I was confident that Erin would be there to hold our hands and guide us through the journey. Not only is Erin an excellent clinician but she is also kind, warm and compassionate. My son looked forward to therapy each week. He would beg to go see Erin on days when we didn’t have a session scheduled. After seven months with Erin, my son was discharged. He is a different child than when he started. He speaks independently and responds appropriately. He is confident. His dismissal was bittersweet. I found myself coming up with excuses to extend therapy. My family and I are grateful to have had Erin in our lives.

Parents of child with expressive language disorder